“Using this single word, mother, changing from a noun into a verb, we enter a world, an era, where through computation we mother nature by design.” ~Neri Oxman


To promote sustainable practices, and mindfulness of oneself and one’s environment. To reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose, and remind, that which is broken, is not lost. To explore and test the limits of these virtues through creativity and intoxicating imagery.

Proud Partners with the National Forest Foundation

We donate a dollar to the National Forest Foundation for every sale. They're a nonprofit partner of the U.S. Forest Service to plant native trees in America's National Forests. We chose NFF because they do things right. To read more on the National Forest Foundation, click here.


Some organizations are affiliated with paper companies planting and harvesting strictly for raw materials.
Unlike the National Forest Foundation these organizations
and others produce fast-growing non-native trees that do nothing to clean the atmosphere.
These plantations lower the water table and trap heat. Here is a link to an interesting article by National Geographic regarding these issues. Click here.