My name is Shawn Bennett.
I share this life with my Wife and our two children.
We reside in the heart of Maine, where I was born and raised.
Surrounded by beauty, I can't help trying to recreate some.

The Nutshell

I am an artist, or so I'm told, whether my work is art matters not, as long as some folks derive a sense of enjoyment from it. I'm addicted to the creative process, and I get a tidbit nutty if I'm not making something. My brain will not let me sleep if I don't get an idea down on paper, which has led to a drawer full of napkin, receipt, back of a bill, anything I could find drawings.
Plagued by an "I can do that" kind of mentality, I'll tackle whatever piques my interests. Because of this and my history of "working for the man," I have attained a wide breadth of skills. Nature, particularly trees and the materials I am working with, inspires me. I like to work around themes such as time, sacrifice, strife, wonder, and joy. Having a family, a full-time job, and taking commissions, I rarely get to visit these themes. Constantly being pulled away motivates me to grind every day in hopes of a return to my roots.